Everyone who knows me, knows that being a photographer is my favorite thing ever. However- a lot of people don't know that I also have a full time job as well. For anyone who is curious, I get to play the '21 questions' game whenever anyone asks me about it and honestly, to this day I still have a hard time explaining what I do in 1-2 sentences.

I'm going to make that attempt here: 

Currently I'm in my third year of employment with this super small EAP company. EAP = Employee Assistant Program and by small I mean there's only like 40 of us. My title is a Benefit Information Specialist. I get to help people understand their benefits provided to them by their employer (health/dental/vision/etc) and some other stuff. 

So the point of this blog I guess is to totally have a humble brag a bit BUT to be fair- if you worked for one of the best companies in NYS you would too. (no seriously, we've been voted best company to work for 3 times...)

I think that one of the most important things within a company is to make sure the employees are happy. They are what makes the business go, right? Well, they definitely nailed this one on the head. I mean it's pretty self explanatory when we are known as 'The Fun Company'. 

It's such a laid back environment and I have the best co workers. Don't get me wrong, it's not like we're slackers over here. We bust our tushies every day and night to make sure clients are receiving the best possible service and because of that - they bust their tushies every day and night to make sure we are treated well. 

Every year the CEO takes us on a trip to someplace warm and sunny, where we have team training's and through out the year we have a ton of fun events as well. It's such an incredible way to bond and practice communication skills with each other since we're obviously working when we normally see each other. 

I'm a pretty lucky gal, I know. Anyways- here's some sweet sweet moments from our most recent trip. This years destination: Oranjestad, Aruba. 

ps- we totally have bring your dog to work day. I don't have a dog, so I just borrow my friends.