Luke + Niki | Binghamton Fall Wedding

I have to admit, I still freak out a little bit before every single wedding. I've been a photographer for a while now so you would think this wouldn't be the case. Yet there I am every morning before a wedding, packing up my car and having a meltdown in my brain. 

This was 100% the case on Luke + Niki's big day. They had the largest wedding party and it was pretty intimidating especially when it came time to plan poses for their portraits. Ohhhh but let me tell you I freaked myself out for no reason. In general, Luke, Niki and their families are the sweetest little peaches and when it came down to getting things done, their wedding party was ON IT. 

I love weddings. Really. It's not a secret. Everyone is so welcoming, happy and always willing to lend a hand if I need. In this case it was the Maid of Honor + Bridesmate-- thanks again, y'all daaa best! Every wedding is different. The people, the traditions, the music. EVERYTHINGGG all the way down to the tiny details. For example, Niki's mom handmade their bouquets and they were totally gorgeous. Like, yaaass girl.

I had a great time spending the day with this incredible couple and their family. 2016- another season in the books and another year of making new friends to come. 

Congratulations Luke + Niki