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My Kid Sister | Gender Reveal | Binghamton Personal Blog


Okay-- so to be technical she's not really a kid. We're actually 11 months apart. That's right.. you did the math correctly with that one. I was approximately 1 month old when she was conceived. Now if you're into astrology, we're both Gemini's as well so there's that.. 

Having sibling so close in age, or in general is the best [and worst] thing. I've always had someone to go on adventures with but then there's the part where we were always around each other. That would get real annoying very quickly. But let another turd pick on her and I would be right by her side to defend her... and possibly punch a few kids who just didn't know how to play nice (I'm still not sorry about that). We were poor. We didn't have cable. We would stay out until the street lights came on and lived off of Ramen, Goulash and  Mac + cheese. We used to get lost in the woods behind our house, ride our bikes in the road and roller blade until we had blisters. 

Don't let those nostalgic memories fool you though. I was a special kind of asshole as a young child. I apparently covered her in an entire tub of Vaseline. Like CAKED it on her. I was like 1.5 years old so that's acceptable right? I would instigate fights over barbies and baby dolls. She could walk in the room and look at me and I'd start an arguement. I'd always steal the top bunk of our bunk beds. I tried to cut down the family tree once and pretended like it was her idea (sorry Gram).  I made messes and sometimes broke things. I just really enjoyed doing stupid stuff. I was sassy and did what I wanted. My Grandmother had a wooden spoon called the peacemaker and I was it's number one customer. 

The best part though? I GOT TO BLAME IT ALL ON HER! Except this one time my mom took the trash out and she locked her out. I, the kind, loving child that I was unlocked the door to let her in and then immediately got my ass spanked for it because she thought it was me. mmm Karma? Don't worry, between sobs I yelled "it was LIZ!" and she got her tush spanked too. To be fair, I was accustomed to ass beatings as a child so it really was just another afternoon of being Kaitlyn. She was also as equally evil but I'll be nice and not share that with the general public. Just all of my friends and the whole bar on a Friday night. HOLLLER.

Now that I have made it public I was a huge brat as a child... As we got older, we definitely became closer, especially when our mom passed. Our personalities and interests are not even close to being the same. I'll forever be the wild child and she's always going to be the quiet one in the back people watching weirdos like me. But ya know what? I wouldn't be able to imagine my life without her in it. 

She's spent the last 8 years being a great mom to two absolutely incredible boys [who happen to have my sass- you're welcome. You can't escape me.] She's not like a regular mom, she's a cool mom, for real. I don't plan to have children any time soon (or ever, honestly) as I have this imperative need to travel the world first but if I do-- I really hope I nail the parenting thing as well as she is. She's been patient with my shenanigans our whole life and now she's teaching her boys how to be patient and kind to others.  Hopefully they've been taking notes because come July they're going to have another sibling to pass it along to! Helping her raise these boys the last 8 years has been such an incredible experience. They're loud and destructive, always sticky and farting and talking about boy stuff and doing things little boys do. I love them to do death and I would do anything for them but COME ONNNNN! Alas, my prayers have been answered..



Being an aunt has seriously filled my heart with SO MUCH love. Both of these boys and my sister have taught me so much in life and how to be a better person. I can't wait to add to this group of weirdos. Get ready y'all, shit's about to get wildddd!