wedding etiquette

11 Wedding Etiquette Tips

It's almost that time of year again- my favorite actually.. WEDDING SEASON!

With being an almost full time wedding photographer of 6 years I can tell you I've seen some interesting stuff happen. 

Today I want to give out a few reminders that really need to be said and if you know me at all, I like to get right to the point. *please brace yourself for some foul language.* BUT I promise I'm not an asshole, I mean, someone has to say this shit, right? 

  1. DON'T wear white! - You would think that this is common sense but I have seen it happen so so soooo many times and I can tell you it really does crush a brides soul just a little bit. While we are on the topic of what to wear- Jeans are not acceptable, ever, even with that really nice tie you have on. We also can't forget about those dresses that end where someone's thighs start. Save it for the club girlfriend. 
  2. RSVP!- Seriously. 99% of the time the bride and groom provide you with a pre-stamped envelope to send it back. It's good manners and it ensures that you will not look like a complete asshole when you show up on the big day and can't find a place card with your name on it. On a much serious note though, a bride and groom are paying for food etc per person and it's expensive. This helps them budget and coordinated for their big day. Oh, and make sure you do it on time too.  
  3. Don't bring your kids to an adult only reception or a +1 on an invitation that doesn't state   "Your name + Guest". 
  4. Respect the space- The space where the bride is getting ready pre-ceremony is ALWAYS off limits. Resist the urge to stop in and say hi- you;ll get your chance during the reception.
  5. Attend the Ceremony- Don't just show up to the reception. The main event of the day is the ceremony even if it is a full Catholic mass. Nothing says "I'm only here for the booze" like skipping the ceremony. 
  6. BE ON TIME! 
  7. Bring a gift- and try to shop from the registry. If you truly can't afford anything on their list, alcohol. It's always acceptable. But none of that cheap shit.
  8. Don't be selfish- This one goes out to the ones who are getting married soon after or have attended a few weddings already in the season. This particular day is about that bride & groom only. so don't compare weddings or ramble on about your own big day. It's rude.
  9. Don't invade portrait time- This means that it is a terrible idea to stand behind/next to/in front of the photographer snapping away on your phone. It's very distracting and the bride & groom paid big bucks for a professional, usually by the hour. 
  10. Stay off of your phone- It really is hard for some people. I think they suffer from separation anxiety even. However, you really don't want to be that person constantly on their phone or iPad(which is way worse honestly) taking pictures and posting to social media every 2.5 seconds. Sit down, pay attention and be apart of the moment. Besides, that's what professionals are for anyways ;) 

If you can think of anything else to add, leave a comment below!